Blurring Lines in the Marketing Sphere: TikTok’s Bold Leap into OOH Marketing with Redbox

In an unexpected yet intriguing move, social media giant TikTok is extending its tendrils into the Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising realm. This transition comes as part of a unique collaboration with Redbox, a well-known DVD rental service.

Under this partnership, more than 3,000 Redbox kiosks across the US will feature TikTok videos, inviting brands to purchase ad space alongside this content. The selection of videos to be displayed on the Redbox screens falls under TikTok’s jurisdiction.

This collaboration will be overseen by Crackle Connex, an advertising platform owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. According to Philippe Guelton, CRO at Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, the chosen Redbox kiosks are situated in high-traffic locations such as grocery stores and retailers, further increasing their advertising potential.

Many businesses, including Heider Real Estate, express interest in this innovative advertising approach. Despite a perceived generational divide between TikTok’s younger audience and the older demographic who predominantly use Redbox, CMO Sean New believes that this partnership is an effective way to cross-promote and cater to both separate audiences.

Despite the looming threat of potential restrictions, TikTok continues to push boundaries and expand its influence.

Redbox, having faced challenges due to the rise of streaming services, is simultaneously looking to reinvent itself. The company was recently acquired by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment for $370 million in an all-stock deal and currently operates more than 30,000 kiosks in the US.

This TikTok-Redbox partnership is an intriguing example of how lines are increasingly blurring between social and OOH marketing. It provides an innovative case study for brands seeking to engage Gen Z, a demographic that heavily utilises social media and is receptive to short-form video content.

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