Filter by Molly-Mae Case Study

GEN Z TALENT orchestrated a high-impact TikTok Shop campaign for Filter by Molly-Mae, resulting in a stunning 9147% ROAS, over $51K in GMV, and over 2 million impressions within two weeks. Our strategic creator selection and creative content development boosted sales and amplified the brand's resonance with the Gen Z and Millennial demographic.

Filter by Molly-Mae, an established fake tan brand by Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague, enlisted GEN Z TALENT to create a TikTok Shop campaign. Our team was tasked with influencer strategy, creative strategy, campaign execution and reporting, aiming to attract the Gen Z and Millennial demographic.

We selected the 14 most suitable TikTok creators from our roster, all of whom had audiences that perfectly aligned with Filter’s target demographic. Collaborating with each creator, we developed content that harmoniously fit into their organic feed. Through effective hooks and strong Calls to Action (CTAs), we maintained authenticity while optimising the potential to drive GMV.

Our strategy centred around generating Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) using creators from a range of niches. We prioritised creators whose audience demographics align with Filter’s target market to ensure brand resonance. Our goal was to leverage TikTok’s potential as an ideal platform to reach and engage with Filter’s desired demographic.

Our TikTok Shop campaign was a resounding success, achieving:

  • An impressive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 9147%!
  • Over $51,000 GMV generated in just two weeks.
  • Over 2 million impressions.
  • A remarkably low cost per mille of just 22p GBP.
  • A total of 52 videos created, exceeding our contract by 22 videos.