LuckyTrip Case Study

Discover how Gen Z Talent propelled LuckyTrip to App Store success using TikTok. Boost your brand with innovative, targeted influencer marketing strategies.

LuckyTrip finds you a personalised trip, in one tap, all within your set budget. Just set your budget and preferences, tap the Lucky button and instantly see a personalised trip to an amazing destination with the cheapest flights, handpicked accommodations, and unique experiences.

Following success on Instagram, LuckyTrip were keen to gain some traction on TikTok.

GEN Z was tasked with creating an end-to-end influencer marketing campaign, responsible for influencer strategy, creative strategy, campaign management and paid amplification.

The campaign resulted in:

• Over 100k downloads in a single month (60k in one week).

• Over 4 million impressions.

• #1 spot in the UK iOS App Store for travel.

• #3 spot in the UK iOS App Store all apps.

• Multiple viral videos, one of which gained over 3.4 million views, 260k likes, 34k saves.

• +1637% increase in LuckyTrip TikTok followers.

• Ads performing with a CPC of £0.03 and CTR of almost 9%.

• A success story on TikTok for Business website.

GEN Z TALENT achieved exponential growth for LuckyTrip in terms of brand visibility, app installs, and TikTok followers. They really understood how to make the most of TikTok to appeal to our target demographic. Thanks to GEN Z TALENT, TikTok is now going to be our primary marketing tool, and we’re very excited to have committed future work with GEN Z TALENT on TikTok.– KIRK FLITTON, CO-FOUNDER & CCO

The strategy was to increase app installs using TikTok influencers. The app and key messaging made TikTok the perfect platform to perform this campaign, as LuckyTrip wanted to hit a GEN Z and Millennial demographic.

GEN Z TALENT made sure that the creators used aligned with LuckyTrip, to make the ads feel authentic, fun and relatable.

GEN Z TALENT identified over 100 suitable TikTok creators before narrowing this down to the 14 creators who would provide the ROI with the lowest CPM.

They worked with each individual creator to develop a creative which would fit into their organic content to ensure the videos did not feel like ads.

The content which performed best was then boosted using spark ads to further push the videos onto the FYP of the target audience.

Onelinks were used in the influencer’s bios and in the spark ads to seamlessly direct users to the correct app store for their device.