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Nature Spell Case Study

GEN Z TALENT's strategic influencer campaign for Nature Spell resulted in over $174K in GMV, 1M+ impressions, and multiple viral videos between October 2022 and January 2023. The success story of Antonia Graham, a creator who drove over $77K in GMV, highlights the power of authentic and relatable content in influencer marketing.

Nature Spell, a small family-owned business focused on raising awareness about affordable, effective hair care, approached GEN Z TALENT with an interesting challenge. They aimed to educate audiences about the benefits of natural ingredients in hair care products and how such products can enhance hair health without breaking the bank.

GEN Z TALENT engaged creators who had expressed concerns about their hair in the past. Antonia Graham, however, was the show’s star, sharing regular updates on her hair growth journey using Nature Spell products. Antonia’s videos became a viral hit, garnering millions of views, and, remarkably, drove over $77K in GMV for Nature Spell between October 2022 and January 2023.

Working with GEN Z TALENT on TikTok has allowed us to convey our message in a way no platform has done so before.

GEN Z helped us identify the correct creators for our brand that convey a message that will resonate with their audience.

The campaign was a huge success to the point we sold out due to the demand it gave on TikTok and externally in retail such as Superdrug!

It has allowed our brand to grow exponentially and gives a platform to educate viewers with tips and tricks for best results.– SACH, FOUNDER OF NATURE SPELL

To bring Nature Spell’s mission to life, we identified creators on our roster who could authentically communicate this message. One creator, Antonia Graham, who had previously expressed concerns about her hair growth, stood out. We believed that she could authentically, humorously, and engagingly narrate the Nature Spell story.

The TikTok campaign resulted in:

  • Over $174K in GMV from October 2022 to January 2023
  • $77K+ in GMV driven single-handedly by Antonia Graham
  • Over 1 million impressions
  • Multiple viral videos

The campaign was such a success that Nature Spell sold out its products due to the demand on TikTok and in retail stores like Superdrug. It was a testament to the power of authentic storytelling and the right creator-brand partnerships.